Amazing CNC Swing Arm Workstation

A couple of years ago I downloaded free plans from Jeremy Schmidt’s wall-mounted camera arm. I wondered if it could be modified to hold a laptop… but that thought was shelved as I got busy with other things.

Then I stumbled across these pictures on Pinterest, which I thought were pretty awesome CNC workstations.

Recently Toolstoday posted a video of their CNC workstation build which looks very similar to the Pinterest photos (although more professional looking).

I think I have searched the “ENTIRE” internet for plans but came up short; therefore, I decided to build my own.

I’m still in the process of building the prototype of my “CNC Swing Arm Workstation” but here is the idea: My version uses more parts than those mentioned above.  The reason is that within the profiles that are cut into the arms, there are aesthetic gears that rotate. This means each arm will have an extra piece as the gears should be visible from both sides. Please see the photos to have a better understanding.

In the first prototype, the gears are simply carved out and do not rotate.  If all goes well, the second prototype will have rotating gears.

If you have any suggestions on how I can incorporate the gears into the arms, I’m all ears and would appreciate your feedback.

Update 07/05/20: Just had a thought while trying to fall asleep.  The final build is going to be out of 1/4″ aluminum (actually I’m not sure of the thickness).  Plain “basic” profiles will be cut first, then the rotating gears will be added on top of arms.

Here are the dimensions I have come up with so far using SketchUp:

CNC Swing Arm Workstation Parts v2

Download “Basic” CNC Swing Arm Workstation DXF file

CNC-Swing-Arm-Workstation-DXF-60x28in-Basic.zip (28 downloads)


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Totally cool! Love the gear idea.

Am I missing something, this doesnt swing?